About the Artist:

Marilyn E (aka) ‘The Stone Cobra’

“The Stone Cobra” was born at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 1983. One of the images created, in a serio-graph series. Of all the images “The Stone Cobra” stood out and struck me as uniquely eloquent, vibrant, with its own energy. “The Stone Cobra” named herself, literally. Once the two parts of a hand cut screen silk screen came together “The Stone Cobra” spoke proclaiming her arrival. We became one.

The artist in me, was there before I recognized her and well before the “The Stone Cobra” emerged. However, the figure of “The Stone Cobra” came through me to push and drive me forward.

The Original "The Stone Cobra LLC" Logo, © 1983 Marilyn E
The Original “The Stone Cobra LLC”
Logo, © 1983 Marilyn E

Over the years in my search to explore my aesthetic and spiritual truth(s), “The Stone Cobra” has expanded. I realized there was so much more than originally imagined. “Earth Fiber Artist” came next as a natural extension and then “Essential Oil Artistry” has completing my triangle, my trinity.

“Chakra Hands” by Marilyn E, © 2014
“Chakra Hands” by Marilyn E, © 2014

Around 2009 “The Stone Cobra” image was re-designed in collaboration with a like-minded friend, to expand a deeper knowledge and artistry that was emerging Although this image is splendidly executed the original remains my foundation.

"The Stone Cobra LLC" Logo, © 2009 Marilyn E. Image tailored for Mobile Devices.
“The Stone Cobra LLC” Logo,
© 2009 Marilyn E

“Synergy … Spirit Inspired Originals”

Marilyn E and “The Stone Cobra” continue to evolve, expand, and explore the potential, the vastness of Self and the Universe. Incorporating many elements of Crystals Energy, Numerology, Reiki, Colour Theory, beaded works, Fine Wire Wrap, and more. There are no limits to the tantalizing options …

The vision and the mission have grown as well and will, I expect continue to. However, their fundamental foundation is that of excitedly sharing the journey and following the path until it can no longer be followed. To leave primarily beautifully positive energy behind.

Photo named "Crystal Energy Wheel", © 2019 Marilyn E, all rights reserved
“Crystal Energy Wheel”,
© 2019 Marilyn E

≈ Clear Vision: I know that “As the ancestors of the next generation” (O. J. Evans), the commitment to creating a strong example of self-worth and excellence in every endeavor is paramount.”

≈ Mission: To “Always Dance in the Joy of Life!” (© 2006), sharing the endless possibilities of each moment and expanding each life experience.” >Marilyn E ~ August 2015

So. Let me introduce myself, I am Marilyn E, and I want to share with you a bit about myself as an artist through my works.

Once upon a time there was a little girl who daydreamed about art however, art was not a realistic option for…, not practical… she surrendered to external pressure, to not follow her dreams. However, that little girl kept her dream in secret, hiding her “work” in closets, under the bed… No longer!

Marilyn E ~ 2021
The Artist examining her work at Red Canary, in downtown Greensboro, N. C. © 2021 Marilyn E.
The Artist examining her work at
Red Canary, in Greensboro, NC
© 2021 Marilyn E
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