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“Gone Home” is how I feel when a piece leaves me and moves on. No matter how many times I have done this, I all-ways find delight when one of my works Go Home. Knowing that each piece has found a new family. That appreciation and desire, that I see creates a shared joy and creates a bond, both seen and unseen.

I thank you for affording me the Honor!

Marilyn E

“Gone Home but all-ways in my Spirit.”

Marilyn E, 2021

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Red Canary Studio

“Red Canary is a little fabric print shop.” Founded in 2001 by Anne Schroth a talented fiber artist in her own right, Red Canary can print in small and large scale on textile of all types. A great asset to local artist and the Greensboro population alike. I consider it an honor to have the opportunity to collaborate with Anne.
[email protected] | 506 B South Elm Street | Greensboro, NC 27406

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